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Department for the Welfare of SC/ST/OBC/Minorities

Achievements During 10th Five Year Plan

1 Delhi has the distinction of having a separate department for the Welfare of the SC/ST/OBC/Min. headed by a senior officer. The department facilities accelerated development of the SC/ST/OBC/Min. people and is implementing more than forty plan schemes in the field of educational, social & economic development by way of providing monitory support both as grant and loan.

2.A Bill has been passed by the Legislative Assembly of Delhi on 8.11.2006 for Constitution of “Delhi Safai Karamcharis Commission”. The steps are being taken to notify the Act. It is hoped that the Commission will be constituted shortly to look into the grievances of Safai Karamcharis of NCT of Delhi.

3 In another decision which has benefited lakhs of SC /ST people who have migrated to Delhi from other parts of the country, the guidelines for issue of SC /ST certificates have been liberalized. Earlier, only the people who migrated prior to 1951 were being issued SC/ST certificates as natives of Delhi. For others, there was a tedious process of verification from their home district, which took months. Under the new order issued on July 27, 2005 the applicants who are born in Delhi or who have studied in Delhi or who have resided in Delhi for the last 5 years will be issued the caste certificates without such verification.

4 Until recently, the benefit of reservation in jobs in Delhi was available only to the native of Delhi and not to the migrated SC/ST people. An order has been issued on June 30, 2005 making all the SC /ST candidates, irrespective of their nativity, eligible for the jobs under the Government of NCT of Delhi. Over the years, thousands of SC /ST people will benefit from this decision.

5 An outlay of Rs.158.00 crore has been approved for 10th Five Year Plan against which likely expenditure is Rs.96.76 crore. An outlay of Rs.37.44 crore has been approved for the Annual Plan 2006-07. The major schemes being implemented by the department during 2006-07 are:-

a Improvement works in SC /ST Basties.

b Merit Scholarship of SC/ST/OBC/Min. students studying in Class VI to XII, College & Professional Institutions.

c Free Supply of Stationery to SC/ST/OBC/Min. students.

6 For the welfare of the SC /ST people, apart from various schemes of different departments which have provision for preferential treatment, we are implementing a special scheme for improvement of SC /ST Bastis. Guidelines of the scheme have been liberalized to benefit the maximum possible people under the scheme by providing infrastructure development works like kharanjas, road and side drains and construction/ repair of Chaupals/Barat Ghar are being carried out in the areas having 33% and above SC population. Earlier, these works were being carried in the Basties having more than 51% SC population. Rs.68.44 crore spent under the scheme during 2002-07 (i.e. upto Sept., 2006) on 493 SC Basties. Under this scheme 59 chaupals in different parts of Delhi have been constructed from December, 1998 to September, 2006 and 7 chauplas are at different stages of implementation.

7. The Government is serious to enhance the income ceiling limit from Rs.48000/- per annum to Rs. 1.00 lakh per annum under various educational schemes. The condition of producing income certificate from SDM has also been proposed to be dispensed with. Insteed, the parents or guardian of their own would furnish an affidavit in respect of their annual income. Due to enhanced annual income of parents, lakhs of students belonging to SC/ST/OBC/Min. communities would be benefited in getting scholarship under different scholarship schemes.

8. Under the scheme of “Merit Scholarship to SC/ST/OBC/Min. students studying in Class VI to XII and College & Professional Institutions”, scholarship is being

provided to SC/ST/OBC/Min. students scoring 55% and above marks in the previous examination at the school level and at college level 60% and above marks are required. The amount of scholarship ranges from Rs. 300 per annum to Rs.1550 per annum. An amount of Rs. 8.08 crores has been dispersed to 47838 students during the period December, 1998 to September, 2006.

9. Under the scheme of “Free Supply of Stationery to SC/ST/OBC/Min. students” an amount of Rs.400/- per annum to Rs.650/- per annum is provided to the poor SC/ST/OBC/Min. students studying in Class VI to XII for purchase of stationery. During the period from December, 1998 to Sept., 2006, an amount of Rs.22.84 crores has been spent under the scheme.

10. Under the scheme of “Financial assistance to poor widows for performing marriage of their daughter and financial assistance to orphan girls for their marriage” financial assistance of Rs.5,000/- was being provided to poor widows and orphan girls upto 30.10.2000, which was revised to Rs.10,000/- upto 31.3.2003. From 1.4.2003, the rates further revised to Rs. 20,000/-. During the period December, 1998 to September 2006 an amount of Rs. 9.23 crore was spent on 6970 beneficiaries (Widows) orphan girls. Now the scheme has been transferred to Social Welfare Deptt.

11The Delhi SC /ST Financial and Development Corporation was set in 1983 to formulate and implement income generating schemes for all around development of the SC /STs. For the purpose, the Corporation is implementing several self employment and training schemes and has also allotted worksheds to the people.

12Since inception, the Corporation has been providing loan to only SC/ST category. However, with the passage of the time the Corporation has been assigned the additional task to provide financial aid and assistance to OBC, Minority, Safai Karamcharies and Handicapped category. Apart from loan facility, the Corporation is also providing the

 training to the students of target group in the field of Computer, cutting tailoring, scooter-motor cycle repairing, fashion designing etc. Therefore, the DSCFDC is committed for the welfare of downtrodden among the target group i.e. SC/ST/OBC/Min. and Handicapped.

The details of activities being undertaken by DSFDC are as under:-

  • Composite Loan upto Rs/50,000/- for small trades.
  • Loan scheme from Apex Corporations, Govt. of India upto an amount of Rs.5.00 lakhs.
  • For purchase of commercial vehicles.
  • For purchase of three wheelers.
  • Arranging vocational training.
  • Allotment of work sheds.
  • Allotment of mobile P.C.O.

13 The earlier condition of arranging 3 government servants as surety for getting financial assistance from DSFDC for starting of their own small trades has been dispensed with under the Composite Loan Scheme. This will mitigate to great extent the difficulties faced by such communities for arranging them.

14. During the period from December, 1998 to September, 2006 under the composite loan scheme, Rs.18.22 crores were spent on 4063 SC /ST beneficiaries, Rs.1.93 crores spent on 427 OBC beneficiaries, Rs. 2.11 crore spent pm 504 Minority beneficiaries and Rs. 2.12 crore spent on 514 Safai Karamachari beneficiaries.

15. Further, DSFDC also launched the mobile PCO/Mobile Booth mounted on tricycle for physically challenged persons for their economic development. The total cost of tricycle with STO/PCO equipment is about Rs.20,000/-. Under the scheme 284 beneficiaries from April, 2004 to Sept., 2006 have been benefited.